DBGizmo  A serious tool for busy SQL Server database professionals.
DBGizmo Free provides many of the features most commonly requested in SQL Server forums, along with some other very interesting functionality, and it's FREE!
There's a search feature for names of database objects.
You can quickly find any string within names of tables, columns, functions, and other objects.
There's a search feature for SQL code database objects.
You can quickly find any string within your SQL routines and the matches are shown in context.
There's a scripting feature for SQL code database objects.
You can script out selected database objects and the SQL routines are in correct dependency order.
There's a database diagram to visualize table relationships.
You can quickly see where any given table fits within the hierarchy using an interactive display.
There's an editor for extended properties of database objects.
You can easily embed informative comments about various objects into the database itself.
There's a viewer for 20+ database properties and related details.
You can easily review and compare many important settings for all available databases.
There's 18 different data sets to evaluate schema and configuration.
You can easily review the current database status and look for any inconsistencies.
If you want more database analysis features and more SQL code generation tools then consider the advanced version of DBGizmo.
Home Notes Facts
DBGizmo works with SQL Server 2000 and newer. The application requires .NET 2.0 on your PC.
There is no installer for DBGizmo, simply open the application file and use the many great features.
DBGizmo does not need write access to your database. It only reads information from system tables.
Download the DBGizmo Free 5.2 application file!
Download the DBGizmo Free Documentation (PDF).
Please contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions.
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